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Glass Image is:
Connor VanEpps (Vocals/Guitar)
Eric Mohan (Drums)
Eric Frank (Guitar)
Alec Barner (Bass)


This is Glass Image

The name “Glass Image” is a direct representation of humanity and our stories. Ultimately, we are all fragile beings with our own stories, making up our own transparent glass image. Glass Image - made up of Connor VanEpps, Eric Mohan, Alec Barner, and Eric Frank - aims to capture the feeling of intense emotion, strong storytelling, and real vulnerability with their songwriting.

Forming in 2018, they soon began work on their debut release, the “Glass Image EP,” which introduced the high octane and political “Revolution,” the gentle and progressive “In My Head,” the bouncy and funk-induced “Hypnotized,” and the intense, tormented sound of “Goodbye” .

Pulling from influences such as Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, and Muse, they have cemented themselves in the Central New York region as a loud, commanding, and powerful live act.

With their third and final single off their upcoming album - “Mixed Emotions” - Glass Image presents their most mature and ambitious song to date. “Fortress,” a song written in the heart of the pandemic, talks about being trapped in your own mind, unable to escape the feelings of grief, shame, and depression in an unprecedented time in our history.

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